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Marty and Sue B. - "Thanks for helping to improve our street"

Melissa B. - "So exciting ! Glad to see you are restoring it and trying to preserve some history. Can't wait to see the finished product, I know it will be amazing. Congratulations......"

Patricia T. - "We looked at this house and said "no way." our DIY skills are not as advanced as yours. I'm glad the house will be saved. I heard you're going to flip it?"

Susan W. - "Thanks for taking an interest in Hartsville! We've watched this house sit empty for a long time and always hoped someone had the ability to make it whole again. Good luck Mike"

Robert S. -  "You're either brave, stupid, or very talented. I'm guessing, talented. I commend you for taking on such a massive project and can't wait to see the end result."

Cindy R.  - "My grandmother told me the history of this house once. She said her mom told her the story of how she had lived in this house while attending WNHS in the 1800's. I'm so happy to see it being restored."

Elise - "LOOKING GOOD! I love the color!"

Carol - "Are you going to have an open house when you finish? I'd love to walk through this house"

Anonymous - I had a good friend in HS that lived in this house. I have so many wonderful memories here"

Wendi - "I walked through the house today.... AMAZING!!